Whether on our 33 foot Hunter sailboats, or on our 50 foot motor yacht, Corporate Charters and Corporate Memberships provide you with powerful resources to energize your business.

Do you need access to a yacht on a more regular basis? Let us show you how our Corporate Memberships can make the dream your own corporate yacht an affordable reality.

Employee Recognition

Acknowledge your employee’s achievements by rewarding them with a cruise on Lake Travis. The sales team just landed an important contract, the project was completed ahead of schedule, or whenever there’s a significant accomplishment, recognizing your employees efforts will surely be appreciated. Call us for complete details.

Entertain Clients and Customers

It’s about relationships, and what better way to cultivate that business relationship than a relaxing time out on the lake. It provides a perfect setting for conducting the more subtle aspects of your business.

Team Sailing

Team Sailing is a fun, challenging, and competitive event that fosters teamwork and cooperation between the skipper and crew. Teams of up to six people are pitted against each other on 33 foot sailboats under the supervision of a captain. Competitors receive general sailing instruction and specific instruction on the task assigned to each team member. Let the racing begin! Afterwards we raft up to celebrate or commiserate as the case may be. Regardless, it’s a wonderful way to build team cohesiveness in a challenging and competitive environment.

Charter Rates

Seraph & Trinity: Hunter 33 Sailboats       $115/hour for up to 6 people
Joint Effort: 50 foot Motor Yacht                $395/hour plus fuel. Up to 20 people.
Team Sailing: Hunter 33 Sailboats             $895/boat for 6 hour event

All charters are a minimum of 3 hours. The hourly rate includes a qualified Captain.  See Our Fleet for a full description of each of our yachts.

 Corporate Memberships

Your membership on a new Hunter 33 sailboat or our 50 foot Cruisers Motor Yacht truly gives you the “Corporate Yacht”, right down to the welcome mat with your company’s name on it.

Whether you’re entertaining clients, relaxing with friends and co-workers, or even family fun, you can now experience all the personal, business, and financial benefits of having your own corporate yacht.

Our objective is to provide you with a resource and an environment that will help you cultivate your business relationships and result in tangible benefits for your company. We strive to make this your corporate yacht by appointing the boat with various corporate motifs of your choosing.  As part of our  service, we offer complimentary photography and mementos for your customers and clients. Of course, full catering is available on all cruises from snacks and drinks to gourmet dinners.

As a corporate member, you are guaranteed a minimum of two Day cruises and two Evening cruises each month.  Day cruises can be scheduled for any time between 10:30am and 6:00pm. Evening cruises can be scheduled for any time between 6:00pm and 12:00 midnight. Scheduling is done on line and cruise times can be reserved as far as a year in advance. You also have two impromptu cruises each month. These are based on the availability of the yacht can be reserved within 24 hours of the cruise time.

Membership Fees

Seraph/Trinity: 33 foot Hunter Sailboats

The monthly fee is $495. When cruising, you pay for a certified captain which is $50/hour. The cost of four typical 3 hour cruises per month averages less than $275 per cruise!

Joint Effort: 50 foot Motor Yacht

The monthly fee is $1495. When cruising, you pay for a certified captain and fuel. The cost of the captain is $50/hour, and the fuel cost is $190 per engine hour. With so many beautiful anchorages around the lake, you’re likely to spend less than two hours motoring during any given cruise. Consequently, the cost of four typical 3 hour cruises per month averages less than $600 per cruise!!