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Austin Sailboat Rentals is MOVING!
Keep Your Eye Out For Our New Location
on Lake Travis at Windy Point Park


Austin Sailboat Rentals just finished their third year offering to both children and adults, small sailboat rentals on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin.

We have introduced 100’s of new sailors to the Texas community lakes, and our after school sailing program, and spring and summer sailing camps have been a big success teaching well over 500 kids how to sail.

Our third year has produced some really good sailors that are now requesting bigger boats with more water to sail in.

With all that being said, Austin Sailboat Rentals has decided to move out to Windy Point Park on Lake Travis.

Our anticipated opening date at Windy Point Park is Saturday, August 29, 2015.

We are a little emotional about leaving Lady Bird Lake and our great shady spot we had behind the Holiday Inn, but on the other hand, we are super excited about venturing out to Windy Point Park on Lake Travis.  We’re praying and hoping that most, if not all, of our customers will follow us out to our new location.  Plus, it’s a great time to stop in at the Oasis on Lake Travis (which is just around the corner from our new location) grab some lunch, or dinner, or  just a drink while watching the beautiful sunset fall over Lake Travis!

Lake Travis has risen to 658 feet above mean sea level, 25 feet higher than it was just seven days ago — a rise of nearly 29 feet this month. It’s the highest level since May 2011. Since the beginning of the year, Lake Travis has risen 34 feet. The lake is now just 12 feet below its average May elevation, and could be within 20 feet of its “full” level (681 ft) late this weekend or early next week, possibly much sooner with additional rain in the forecast.  KXAN News

Also, did you know, that Austin Sailboat Rentals is the ONLY sailboat rental company in Texas, where you can rent small sailboats?  And, if you don’t know how to sail, we offer beginner and intermediate sailing lessons to individuals and groups, along with US Sailing Certification in light and/or heavy wind.  We even offer a FREE land lesson if you rent one of our smallest dinghy sailboats for two hours!

Along with sailboats, we also offer, canoe rentals, kayak rentals, standup paddle board rentals, bike rentals, and a whole lot more fun things to do.

Stay tuned for our grand opening celebration to be announced soon.  In the meantime, come visit us out at Windy Point Park.