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US and British Virgin Islands

December 2014, Jim and I decided to get out of the cold and head for the US and British Virgin Islands.


We visited St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda, by air, land, and sea.

IMG_5679_2We learned how to drive on the left hand side of the road without hurting ourselves, or for anyone else for that matter.  We also learned how to adjust to living without hot water all the time, or electricity for that matter, and to the luxuries that we have become accustomed to in the continental states.

With all that being said, we still had a wonderful time exploring the islands and meeting the people that live there.

We met some very interesting people that were able to share their thoughts and tips on how to adjust to island living, and that once you are able to do so, it’s the best place in the world to live!

Jim and I spent 18 days in the islands and really felt as though we got a good feel of what it would be like to live their for an extended period of time.

Not that we were thinking of doing that, but the thought of possibly living their during the off season in Austin, did cross our minds.

We sailed from St. Thomas to St. John and back with Captain Pam, on “Fantasy”, a 36′ Foot Pearson.  We snorkeled in Lameshur Bay and saw the most spectacular coral reefs and giant star fish.


One of my favorite places during our trip, was a place called THE BATHS.  It truly is one of the “8th Wonders of IMG_5570the World” … even though we really only have 7!  Jim and I found this amazing place on Virgin Gorda.

To get to The Baths, you have to climb in between and over boulders that are just leaning against each other (some areas leaving just a slit to get through).  The entire time, I kept thinking, if there was a tremor on the island, we would all be in trouble!

The climb was well worth it once we got to the end where some lovely pools of baths are.  Jim and I waded in those pools for about an hour before heading back.

IMG_5593We have to admit, it’s not for IMG_5384the weak or frail, but worth the trip if you can make it.  It truly is one of the Wonders of the World!

Jim and I were so fortunate to also swim in some of the most incredibly blue and green water we have ever seen.

We snorkeled whenever we could, and have to admit … one of our favorite places to snorkel was at Trunk Bay in St. John.  Although, Cinnamon Bay, and Meghan’s Bay came in close seconds.

The temperature was mostly in the low 80’s, and it only rained once (and not for very long).

IMG_5171Wild donkeys, goats and iguanas roam freely in the islands, and you rarely ever see a domestic cat or dog.  

During our down time strolling one of many beaches, we came across a makeshift straw hut that used the “honor-system” whenever you wanted a drink (there was no one there).  This particular is called Nature Boy Health Bar!IMG_5421

During our last evening, we set sail on a 50 foot catamaran from Bologna Bay to Charlotte Amalie and joined in on the annual Christmas parade of boats in the harbor.

It was a great way to say goodbye to the island and relax while watching all the boats troll around the harbor all lit up with their Christmas lights hanging from their masts and shrouds.







The Virgin Islands truly is the sailing mecca of the world, and if you ever get an opportunity to go down there … Go!


More Ventures To Come!