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(Jim and Ginny)


A lot of people have asked us Jim and I how we started our business, 
so it has inspired me to write a little story about
how we actually go started.

It all began with my husband, Jim having a vision.  Every day on his way to his corporate job, Jim would pass over the MoPac bridge while looking over the edge out onto the water, and would wonder … why aren’t there any sailboats on the lake? He would see lots of canoes, kayaks, rowers, and standup paddleboards, but no sailboats.

So Jim bought a small dinghy sailboat called a Snark and decided to sail it around Lady Bird Lake.


Jim liked how the small sailboat handled on Lady Bird Lake.

One day not too long after, I came home from work and saw Jim sitting by his computer smiling.  Jim asked me … guess what I just did?  I said … you bought another boat?  Jim smiled bigger and said no … I bought 24 boats!


 So I chuckled and said … oh, I guess we’ll be renting sailboats?

Jim started checking out different locations on Lady Bird Lake where he could rent and launch his fleet of sailboats, but soon ran into hurdles … the city was no longer allowing new sites to launch boats on the Lake.

While Jim was doing his leg work, I started thinking about taking some sailing lessons, so I could learn how to sail the right way.


I contacted US Sailing and after taking some keelboat lessons, decided that maybe I should become a certified sailing instructor so I could help adults and kids learn how to sail.  I had a vision to not only teach people how to sail (the right way) but also to introduce the art of sailing to children, and have fun while doing it.


Jim finally found a permanent location to host our sailboats and allow us to rent our little sailboats to hotel guests and the general public at large … the Holiday Inn on Town Lake became our new home.  So Jim and I started working together full-time at Austin Sailboat Rentals, slowly adding more and more boats to our fleet.

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Today, in addition to our dinghy sailboats, we offer larger day sailor boats, Hobie Tandem Islanders, Go Float Electric Boats, Surrey Bikes, Single and Tandem Bikes,  Standup Paddleboards, Canoes, Kayaks and Rowboats.


We organize sailing camps, after school sailing programs, field trips, private and group sailing lessons, team building events for small and corporate groups, birthday parties, and any other special event you can think of.


We also give back to our community by donating 100’s of hours of free teaching and sailing time to several non-profit organizations, charities, and children in general.

Not the End!