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BEAUFORT SCALE ON WIND SPEED (KNOTS) … (with a bit of spin on it)

  • 0 (CALM) smooth, like a mirror – good time for a nap
  • 1-3 (LIGHT AIR) small ripples – time for lunch ​​
  • 4-6 (LIGHT BREEZE) short, small wavelets with no crests – all right … now the boat’s moving!
  • 7-10 (GENTLE BREEZE) larger wavelets with crests hey, this is really fun; great for beginners.
  • 11-16 (MODERATE BREEZE) longer, small waves, some with white caps (foamy crests) – faster is better; time to think about putting on a jacket.
  • 17-21 (FRESH BREEZE) moderate waves with many white caps – beginners should head for shelter; experienced sailors dream of wind like this.
  • 22-27 (STRONG BREEZE) larger waves, extensive white caps, some spray – great fun, but this is hard work.
  • 28-33 (NEAR GALE) heaps of waves, with some breakers, whose foam is blown downwind in streaksonly for skilled sailors on well-prepared boats.  Staying dry is impossible, lunch is all wet.
  • 34-40 (GALE) moderately high waves with edges of crests breaking into spindrift (heavy spray); foam is blown downwind in well-defined streaks – time to head home, no matter who you are!
  • 41-47 (STRONG GALE) high waves with dense foam streaks and some crests rolling over; spray reduces visibility – time to rent the movie, The Perfect Storm and make some popcorn … at home!
  • 48-55 (STORM) very high waves with long overhanging crests.  The sea looks white; waves tumble with force, greatly reduced visibility – time to put the move on pause and make sure your pets are all safely inside the house.

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