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Austin Sailboat Rentals’ first year teaching kids how to sail was a blast … what a summer! We had over 250 kids, 6 to 15 years old, come through our summer sailing camp on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin.


Paul, at the Holiday Inn on Town Lake, graciously allowed us to use the back corner of the Holiday Inn property, where we were able to make our camp base and grab some shade from two large pecan trees that have been there for over 100+ years!


Our first year focused mostly on beginners, teaching them the fundamentals of sailing (steering, tacking, jibing, departures and landings, and upwind sailing). We were amazed at how quickly the kids learned and got out on the water!

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Most of the kids that came through our camp were pretty fearful of capsizing, so we practiced on land and then in the launch area in waist deep water. Guess what happened next? All the kids wanted to do after those drills, were to capsize on their own ALL THE TIME!


Another challenge we had during our first year was that The Trail Foundation was building the new boardwalk on the south side of Lady Bird Lake. Guess what section the crew was working on during our first year of our sailing camp? You guessed it, right in front of our sailing site (see the pilings in the background of the picture above)! Wow, that was pretty scary for Jim and I.

In the end, no one came close to even getting hurt and the kids had a lot of fun learning to sail on Lady Bird Lake!


Jim and I are really looking forward to doing this again next year!



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