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Gently Used Super Snarks For Sale!  

All parts and sails included for $500.00 each.

Great gift for the holidays!  

Super Snarks For Sail | BUY NOW!
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NEW SNARKS FOR SALE If you would like to purchase your own sailboat, we have sailboats for sale that are 11 feet long, weigh only 50 pounds, and can be delivered to your front door.

You can transport your sailboat in a small pick-up, trailer, or on a standard car luggage rack. There is not a better way to get those kids off of the XBox and onto the water when you own your own compact and lightweight sailboat from Austin Sailboat Rentals.

From the time you place your order, your sailboat will arrive within 2 weeks. There is very little assembly required.

For immediate inquiries regarding sailboats for sail, please call Jim at 512-815-0980 or email him at:  jim@austinsail.com.