Policies | Sailing | Austin Sailboat Rentals




  1. IDENTIFICATION (ID) – You must have and bring a valid ID in order to rent a vessel from Austin Sailboat Rentals.  Austin Sailboat Rentals will hold your ID as collateral and return it to you upon return of the vessel you rented.
  2. WAIVER, RELEASE OF LIABILITY – You must read, understand and sign a Release of Libiability Waiver before renting one of our vessels.  If you are under 18, you must print and have your parents' sign this waiver, and bring it with you before Austin Sailboat Rentals can allow you on one of their vessels; 
  3. TAKING UNAUTHORIZED PASSENGERS ON YOUR VESSEL – Do not allow any of your friends or family members onboard one of our vessels you have rented, unless they have signed a Release of Liaiblity Waiver.
  4. TIME BEGINS – Please arrive on time (the designated time you rented your vessel).  Sometimes we have back-to-back reservations with the same vessel.  Your time begins 15 minutes after the time you rented your vessel.  We give you 15 minutes grace period to get situated (e.g. check-in, provide your ID, sign our Waiver, change, use restroom, stow away valuable, etc.) and then your time begins.
  5. PARK ENTRANCE FEE –  from our Lake Austin location, we will meet you directly at the launch area at Walsh Boat Landinga (there is no fee to enter this park); from our Lady Bird Lake location, we will meet you directly behind the Holiday Inn at Town Lake at the public launch area (there is no fee to enter this park); from our Lake Travis location, we will meet you at our sailing site at the corner of Comanche Trail and Bob Wentz Park, have you check-in, sign a waiver and then ask that you drive yourself into the park.  If you have an annual park pass, then there is no fee, if you do not have annual pass, then there is a fee of $10 per car to drive and park in the park.  The Guard only takes checks or cash.
  6. SWITCHING VESSELS – Once rented and your vessel has been pulled off the rack to be cleaned and prepped for usuage, there is a restocking fee of 25% if you decide to switch vessels, or do not go because of your own reason(s).
  7. PERSONAL FLOATION DEVICE (PFD) – A type III Coast Guard Approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must be taken on your vessel and worn when you depart.  We encourage you to wear PFD at all times.  PFD must be worn if you are 13 years old or younger.
  8. AGE REQUIREMENT – You must be at least 18 years old to operate a sailboat over 14 feet, or have passed a boater education course that is accepted by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department;  You must also have your parents print and sign the attached waiver, and bring it with you before Austin Sailboat Rentals can rent a vessel to you;
  9. RETURNING YOUR VESSEL – When returning, small vessels must be out of water and left near the side of the launch area (not left in the middle of the launch area), larger vessels over 14 feet must be securely tied to a cleat on the dock or pulled half-way out of the water (not in the middle of the launch area);
  10. RETURN TIME – Your return time is documented when you reach the dock and have called us to pick you up.
  11. PENALTIES – There is a charge of a 1/4 hourly fee for every 15 minutes you are late returning your vessel to the launch area.  There is an additioanl charage of $200 in addition to your late fee, if you cannot return your vessel to the launch area on your own and we have to come get you.
  12. CANCELLATIONS  – Our cancellation policy allows a customer to cancel a booking for a full refund up until 7 days prior to their scheduled rental date.  If a customer cancels a reservations within 3 to 6 days prior to their reservation, they will incur a 50% penalty.  Anything less than a 3 day cancellation notice and the booking is considered nonrefundable.
  13. REFUNDS – Refunds are only issued if there is a failure on our part due to faulty equipment, a cancelled tour, it rains, or a serious threat of thunderstorms.  There are no refunds for no shows or cancelling less than 3 days before your scheduled rental.
  14. DAMAGE TO VESSEL – You are financial responsible for any and all broken or lost parts or vessels.
  15. VALUABLES – Austin Sailboat Rentals will gladly hold your car keys and/or cell phones (we are not permitted to hold your wallets or purses), and asks that you please not take any valuables out on the water.  Please stow away all valuable in your car trunk.  Austin Sailboat Rentals is not responsible for your valuables or anything that is lost, dropped in the water, or ruined if taken on your boat and gets wet.