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5.0 star rating 12/13/2015
Lauren S.
Austin, TX

I have to rave about these folks. My 11 year old daughter took two weeks of sailing camp with Austin Sailboat Rentals last summer, when they were located on Lady Bird lake. She started with never having been in a sailboat to finishing as an intermediate sailor by the end of the second week. Ginny was really fantastic with all the kids, and my daughter really liked her. Very organized, well-planned progression from zero experience to being able to handle a dinghy sailboat on her own. Ginny assured me that, yes, was totally competent to take me out for a sail! So proud of my little sailor. My daughter can’t wait to take mom out on her own. Meanwhile, now that they’re out at Windy Point park, I signed up for their “Learn to Sail” special, something I have always wanted to learn to do. Ginny is as good a teacher for adults as she is for the kiddos. Have nothing but good things to say.

Comment:  04/16/15
Jennifer Werland

Have been wanting to tell you this for a year, but never got around to it. [My child] went to 3 diff camps last summer — horse riding camp, sailing camp, and a Frozen theater camp. I thought for sure she’d say horse camp was her favorite, but nope! Sailing apparently took the trophy. So, she’s back for more this year, hopefully without all the rain!!


“Ginny and Jim are wonderful!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 7, 2015NEW

Cindy Taylor

I took three friends out on the night bio-luminescent kayak tour on 4/2/15 with the owners Ginny and Jim. They were there right on time and had everything ready. They were so helpful and had such great personalities. We felt as though they were friends by the time our kayak was over. The lights of the city were beautiful and we even saw some big gar. We had a wonderful time.

Stacy C. Stacy C. Plano, TX

Stacy C. 5.0 star rating 3/13/2015

Lighted night time kayaking was GREAT!! I randomly came across this activity online and decided to try it for me and my 5 other friends… It was AMAZING. so much fun!! Our tour guides, Ginny and Jim, were ultra sweet and caring for our safety. We got there around 7 and started to kayak when the sun started to set, 2 per kayak so we had 3 boats all together. The paddles are all lit in different colors and some even blink! When it got dark, the lake was ours… No one was there except just us!! Really quiet and relaxing. Though Ginny and Jim came with us, they let us have our time and space, though Ginny did tell us informational things about the lake time to time and occasionally took pictures of us! When you look under your legs, you can see the fish and turtles swimming around! It was so much fun!! And one of our friends even got a small fish that jumped on board!!! But Ginny took care of that scare 🙂 and the other boat saw a water moccasin swim by! You kayak slowly while looking around and under your boat for fish/turtles/plants etc so it was a very relaxing and chilling time. I recommend this night time activity! It was a great 2 hrs with Ginny and Jim.. And with the under water life! We are definitely going back!

Visited April 2015
Austin, Texas  “Excellent lesson in the Snark”  5 of 5 stars   Reviewed March 8, 2015
Me and my girlfriend have been interested in sailing for a while and I am very glad we started here. We received a thorough introduction before heading out, and were further coached by Jinny once on the water. By the end we were blissfully cruising our Snarks back and forth across the lake and enjoying the great views of downtown – a lovely new perspective from the water, even for locals like us. We were both impressed by how much the Snarks move in even very little wind so no need to wait for a gusty day. Highly recommended.




“Summer Sailing Camp”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 4, 2014
Caroline P

My son went to the summer camp program and absolutely loved it, knowledgeable and friendly owners make this a unique learning camp where lots of fun is to be had. My son definitely wants to go back, the best testament in my book. Thank you Ginny and Jim 🙂



Brandon Brown

On 07/26/14 2:04 PM, Brandon Brown wrote:  Ginny has a wonderful talent for teaching kids to sail in her superb summer camp. The camp is well-run and the format well-thought through. Activities are balanced and age appropriate. My son not only walked away with the ability to sail in a very short time period, but also enjoyed working with Ginny and her husband Jim.


Austin, Texas
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“Awesome for kids”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 6, 2014

I had my 3 children in sailing summer camp this summer (2014). Not only did they actually learn to sail, the had a blast doing it! An amazing array of activities including swimming in the pool, water balloon fights, board games, buffet lunches, and, of course, water sports. 
Now, whenever we want to do lake activities (canoeing, paddle boards, river bikes etc…) our family uses Austin Sailboat Rentals.




Anna attended sailing camp the summer of 2013 and had a great time. She learned a lot and had lots of fun. The set-up for the kids was great for a daily week-long experience. She can’t wait to attend again this next summer!
Very kind and accommodating! Can’t wait to take a personal sail lesson when it gets warmer
Great and fun experience with great team! it was my first time and I loved it! it is a must to try at least once ! Jim and Jenny are awesome and they teach you all you need!