Owners / Members

Do you dream of owning your own yacht? Unfortunately for many people, time and money create a barrier to either actually making the purchase or even justifying why you should even consider it any further. With ASBR Owner Member program you can make boat ownership and the lifestyle realities that go with it something that you can have today and not in the years to come.

We place up to seven well trained, responsible members to share time on your yacht. With charter, rental and other partnering programs, many different people use your boat and do not necessarily care for it as if it is their own. In the ASBR program, members use only the yacht they have signed up for, so it is always the same people sharing your yacht. This generates a pride in ownership for them as well, and your yacht’s condition will be maintained in tip-top shape due to this reality as well as our first class maintenance programs. Our proprietary applications, like the E-tendant and Scheduler have been developed specifically to provide easy, accountable and equitable sharing for you and the other Members sharing your boat.

ASBR provides the absolute easiest way and most carefree access to yacht ownership. When you put your sailing or motor yacht into the ASBR fleet, we pay all the operational expenses including slip fees, insurance, and maintenance. When you withdraw your yacht from the fleet in 5 years you could have easily saved over $150,000 compared to the costs of traditional ownership. Another way to look at this is that, depending on the boat you buy, your cost of boating over five years is essentially zero!

Call us today and and discover why we call this the “intelligent alternative to traditional ownership”.