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Austin Sailboat Rentals aims to bring the joy of sailing to children and adults on easy-to-operate, full-day, and half-day rentals. We offer dinghy sailboats, small day sailors, large day sailors, Sea Skimmers, Catamarans, Hobies, single kayaks, tandem kayaks, glass bottom kayaks, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), and Aqua Lily Pads.

We are located on beautiful Lake Travis. No membership is required. We also provide sailing programs for homeschooled kids, spring and summer sailing camps, private and group sailing lessons, team building and corporate events, birthday parties for children and adults, glass-bottom illuminated kayak night tours, and a whole lot more fun things to do. Check out our booth at Austin Artists Market.

Sunset Sails

Feel the stress drain away with the boat’s gentle rocking and the waves’ ” sploosh ” against the side. Smell the fresh, moist breeze. Listen to the peaceful sounds of nature. Then rela-a-ax … as Captain Nance brings the boat “about” into the beautiful Texas sunset. Is your anniversary coming up soon? What a perfect way to celebrate – with a private sail into the sunset!

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Be smart – don’t drink and drive a boat

Day Cruises

Sail in the shade of the cockpit canopy or “catch some rays” on the deck. See the ducks, seagulls, turtles, and sometimes an egret or heron. Sit back and rela-a-ax… or take the helm for a while. Bring your camera, snacks, and drinks! Bring your family!

New!  We are Proud Members of Texas Fishing Guides, the best source for fishing information in Texas Lakes.

Informal Sailing Lessons

Your U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master, Captain Nance, can give you sailing & safety instruction and techniques. An informal lesson can be combined with a charter. One or two people may want to learn about sailing, while their friends may want to kick back and relax.

Be a Part of the Hottest Sailing Trend in Texas!

If you are looking at Sailboats for sale in Austin, Texas, consider the value of sharing a sailboat. You have no depreciation, you don’t have to put the boat up for sale when you want to upgrade, you have no maintenance costs, it’s less expensive than chartering, your initial investment is meager, and with Austin Sailboat Rentals, the impressive new fleet is always ready to sail when you are.

Austin Sailboat Rentals is located on Lake Travis, approximately 25 minutes from Downtown Austin. Our fleet of sailboats, including new Hunter 326 sailboats and a new Catalina 22 is docked at the exclusive Paradise Cove Marina just 10 minutes sailing from Ernie’s restaurant.

With us, instead of looking endlessly at sailboats for sale, you go sailing by sharing new sailboats globally for less than what others spend on slip fees and maintenance alone. Sailing in Austin on Lake Travis, Texas, has never been easier. Other locations also feature luxury cruising sailboats available for sailing enjoyment.

Lake Travis Party Boats

Friends tell us that renting a party boat on Lake Travis is the best thing to forget in 2023. We tend to agree, and just in time for the warm weather, UnlockAustin has posted its Top 10 Best Lake Travis Party Boats list. Be sure to check it out.

Want to Learn To Sail in Austin

We are an American Sailing Association Certified Sailing Training Instructors and hold sailing classes regularly.

Are You Thinking of Buying a New Sailboat?

Instead of searching for sailboats for sale, own a new sailboat or put your late model sailboat in our fleet: If you are thinking of buying a new sailboat, talk to us, and we’ll make your banknote, slip, and maintenance payments for six years. If you have a late-model sailboat and are a little tired of the costs associated with owning and before you put your sailboat up for sale, contact us; we can make those payments for you.

Assumption of Risk

Disclaimer: Sailing is a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it is essential to remember that it comes with inherent risks. Before taking to the open waters, that some time to understand the potential risks associated with sailing and how to mitigate them.  Assumption of risk is a legal principle that states that a person who engages in an inherently dangerous activity assumes the associated risks. This means that if a person chooses to participate in a potentially hazardous activity, such as sailing, they accept the inherent risks involved in that activity and cannot hold others liable for any resulting injuries or damages.

Every time you set sail, you are responsible for understanding the potential risks and hazards associated with the activity. This includes understanding the weather, the environment, and the safety protocols related to sailing. Be aware of the potential dangers of the boat itself, such as capsizing, running aground, or getting caught in a storm. Understanding the risks and hazards of sailing is essential to staying safe on the water. Have the proper safety equipment and knowledge to handle any situation. By taking the time to understand the risks associated with sailing, you can ensure that you and your crew have a safe and enjoyable experience on the open waters.