Yacht & Powerboat Maintenance

All boats require a lot of care and attention. There are a lot of systems all in a very hostile environment and it is very important to keep on top of maintenance, for example, a large number of lifeboat call outs are due to poorly maintained engines. From servicing a winch to overhauling your engines we can take care of any of the systems on your boat.

Engine servicing

With our engineering services as with all our services we strongly believe in good quality value for money services, aimed at preventing expensive damage.

We can deal with any engine service work required on your boat. Our smallest regular client owns a 5 HP tohatsu, and our largest client services his twin installation CAT on a trader 55, so we have the capability to deal with all aspects of engineering and engine servicing.

Systems Maintenance

Properly specified and installed water and gas systems need minimal maintenance. However, failure would be at least inconvenient and at worst disastrous if on a long passage. System integrity should be checked annually and at the very least the water pump should be winterised to avoid frost damage.

The most important part of all the services we offer is to keep up to date with critical maintenance schedules. The marine environment is the harshest place for any machinery/hardware to be, whether that is a windlass or a gas check, we can make sure that all service intervals are kept up to date.

Winch and Windlasses

Winches should be stripped down on a yearly basis if the boat is used regularly. We make sure that the correct greases and oils are used to ensure that it remains safe to use throughout the season.

A broken windlass at best is a bit of a pain, at worst is dangerous. If you own a large yacht you don’t know when you may need to call on the windlass in an emergency so make sure it is maintained properly in order to provide yourself with some peace of mind.

Teak Decks

Teak decks are the bugbear of any discerning yachtsman. We can make light work of this for you by using a two part cleaning system, and more importantly an approved teak sealer to prolong that lovely look of clean golden coloured teak. This does need periodic ‘topping up’ but this is far less back breaking than getting on your hands and knees to scrub the deck. Further more regular cleaning and scrubbing of teak will wear away the grain of the wood, and you will have a rough feeling deck after a few years.

If a deck has become to ‘grainy’ we can also sand back the deck to bring back a smooth finish. It is important to note that if using a solvent based teak sealer after sanding a deck down the deck will need to be ‘weathered’ for a week or two to allow the sealer to bond properly to the surface.

Whatever the maintenance issues with your deck get in touch with us and we can talk through the options.


Although this is a cosmetic maintenance issue it is important to keep on top of polishing. It should never get to the point of having to compound a boat, every time the surface is compounded up to 400 microns can be removed thus over time wearing through the gel coat. We believe in polishing the boat with special polishes. We use a brand called Permanon, which means that your boat will never be compounded when being cared for by us.

Repair and Refit

If you need a repair carried out we can deal with most work ourselves. An example of the work we have carried out ranges from teak deck replacement to fitting new systems in a range of boats for example bow thrusters and Eberspacher heating systems.

To save yourself the expense of selling your current boat and buying a new one, why not consider a refit to bring it up to date. The biggest project we have dealt with to date is a complete strip down and refit of a 1930’s passenger vessel, so with our many years of experience in the industry you can rest assured your boat is in very capable hands.

Joinery and Shipwrights

We can deal with all joinery be it inside the boat or on deck, our joiners have a first class reputation and can capably deal with anything from a single teak deck plank repair right up to a complete interior fit out. If your decks are a little tired or you need a complete internal refit, we can deal with everything from inception to completion.

  • Interior Fitout/modifications
  • Bow thruster installation
  • Stern thrusters installation
  • Windlass installation
  • Keel removal and replacement
  • All varnish work two pack and single pack
  • Teak deck re-caulking and replacement

Paint work

Be it a full spray paint or just a touch up of a scratch we can make sure that the finish is unrivalled in perfection. We have worked with all manner of materials; metal, grp and wood. We can also apply different kind of paint; two pack, single pack and non slip. However we understand that paint work in general is a huge area of expertise and we have very good relationships with contractors so when we aren’t able to carry out a job ourselves we can use people who can.

GRP and Gel-coat work

We know how easy it is to damage a boat, the wind can catch you at just the wrong point when manoeuvring or you can miss-judge a call on the race course, with sometimes dramatic consequences. You can rest assured that we will deal with the repair professionally and discreetly.

We can carry out any gel repair on any boat, be it a small chip or a major structural repair. No matter how old the boat, we will make sure the repair is both invisible and structurally sound, we make the repair better that it was before, so no cracking re-appears. Below is a list of the specific services we can offer:

  • Bow and stern thrusters installation
  • Osmosis treatment
  • Colour matching
  • Structural repairs

We are used by many major insurance companies, we can provide a quote quickly and efficiently. Should we be chosen by the company to carry out the work then we will deal with the insurance company through out to minimise downtime of your boat.

Engine work

Further to our engine service work we can carry out all aspects of engineering work. Whether you need to have the engine realliged shaft drawn and replaced or just a replacement part not usually covered under a service we can deal with anything quickly and efficiently to ensure that the boat goes back into service ASAP.


We can provide a complete service to repair any stainless or aluminium work on your boat. See below for an example of the items we can repair, or manufacture:

  • Push-pits
  • Pull pits
  • Stanchions
  • Bow rollers
  • Ladders
  • Bathing platforms
  • Fuel and water tanks
  • Cover frames

Unless you require a simple part made up or have specific diagram you can email through to us. We can’t provide a detailed quote without seeing what needs to be fabricated, and discussing this through with you; however feel free to request a call-back within an hour for some free advice.