Our Fleet

We offer several types of sailboats for sailors of all interest and abilities and we are always looking for new vessels to add to our fleet.

Our largest sailboat at the moment is the O’Day 272 and our smallest is of course, the widely sailed Sunfish. Both are equally popular here on the Lake Travis.

The Sunfish is a fun wet boat! We can deliver this boat to many of the area lakes that have reasonable access. This is a great option for those who are staying for a weeklong vacation and want something that they are familiar with or grew up with.

Other sailboats we can deliver to area lakes are, the Chrysler Pirateer, the Phantom, the Sunfish and the O’Day Javelin (which has an electric trolling motor). The O’Day 25′ is kept on Lake due to the size and lake access however they can be sailed on Lady Bird Lake (if the sailor has the necessary skill to navigate with confidence – we can evaluate you when you arrive). The Gloucester 22 is used in our sailing school and will be moored at Oyster’s Landing Marina.

We aim to please and can deliver these larger vessels, for a fee, to any of the above named lakes.