Austin Sailboat Rentals offers the perfect day sailer for those wishing to have a sail on their own without a skipper. The calm protected waters of Lake Austin offer ample sailing toom, allowing you to enjoy a view of the island that not many get to see.. In your own leisurely time, you can take in the wonderful sights and admire the villas of the stars built along the waters edge.

Austin Sailboat Rentals offers boatloads of fun things for adults. Take a quick glance below, click on an image to find out more information, pricing and making your reservation today! Advanced reservations are highly recommended.


If you’re looking to go sailing, but you don’t want to drive, but do want to sit back and enjoy the scenery and ride, consider hiring a captain to sail you around Lake Austin or Lake Travis in a 14.2 Catalina. Our chartered sailboat rides will hold up to 4 people (with a combined weight of no more than 800 lbs.) and are available for two hour sailing events on Lake Austin and Lake Travis.

Sailing Certification

For those more serious minded people who want a certificate showing their experience, the Basic Sailing Course is available. The course consists of a one hour orientation to sailing with literature and the first 3 hour private sailing class on the water for a total of four hours the first day. Then a second four hour private sailing class on the water is scheduled. Private classes are scheduled for you or for you and your partner(s). The training emphasis is flexible depending on the needs of the student(s). By the end of the course you or you and your partner(s) should be able to sail on your own.  All small boat sailors, regardless of age or experience, are welcome to participate in US Sailing’s Small Boat Sailor Certification Program at Austin Sailboat Rentals.

The benefits of becoming a certified sailor are:  (1) able to charter sailboats, (2) obtain a U.S. Coast Guard license, (3) meet state education and/or licensing requirements, (4) become a race official or sailing judge, and (5) it’s really cool to be a certified sailor!

There are 14 sailing skills, 10 of which that can be completed during two wind levels:  Light Air (5-14 mph) and/or Heavy Air (15+ mph) for which you can apply for certification.  In other words, you can apply for light air certification or heavy air certification.  If you test in heavy air, then you will qualify for both (light and heavy air).

  • Wind Direction
  • Rigging/Unrigging
  • Knots/Lines
  • Rules of the Road
  • Departure/Landing
  • Steering
  • Safety Position
  • Tacking
  • Points of Sail
  • Jibing
  • Capsize Recovery
  • Overboard Recovery
  • Getting out of the Irons
  • Upwind Sailing

US Sailing certification identifies you as having satisfactorily demonstrated certain nationally recognized basic sailing skills.