Austin Sailboat Rentals is offering a Sailing 102 Clinic for novice and beginner sailors who already know how to sail and are striving to get better or get certified in small boats.  This clinic will follow US Sailing’s Small Boat Sailor Certification “The Little Red Book, and will be a series of four classes offered on Sundays at 12 Noon in the month of May.  Each class will last about 1 and 1/2 hours and will cost $50 per class or $200 for the entire clinic.  We’ll be sailing Dolphins.

SCHEDULE The first class starts on Sunday, May 8, second class is on Sunday, May 15, third class will be on Sunday, May 22, and the fourth and last class will be on Sunday May 29.  All classes will be held at our sailing site on Lake Travis and will start at 12 noon.

BONUS If you sign up for the entire clinic (all four classes) you’ll your receive a BONUS of two hours of FREE sailing in the same boat (Dolphin) you learned how to sail in (Value $150)!

CERTIFICATION There are 14 tasks to accomplish in light air (5-14 mph) and/or heavy air (15+ mph) to get certified.  During our Sailing 102 Clinic, we’ll break the 14 tasks down by tackling about 4 tasks each Sunday. Our Certified US Sailing Instructor will sign off on the tasks you already know and/or have accomplished, and by the end of the clinic, you should be able to get certified, or at least have a good start towards Small Boat Sailing Beginner Certification.

If for some reason you don’t get all 14 tasks accomplished during these 4 classes, the Little Red Book is yours to keep for future testing, either here at Austin Sailboat Rentals, or with other Certified US Sailing Instructors.  After Beginner Certification is accomplished, the Little Red Book is also used for Intermediate Certification. 


  • The first class offered on Sunday, May 8 – everyone will get a Little Red Book and we’ll look and talk about all 14 tasks; and then cover in detail: 1) wind direction, 2) rigging/unrigging, 3) knots/lines; and 4) rules of the road.  No one gets on the water the first class.
  • The second class offered on Sunday, May 15 – we’ll practice and test for: 5) departure/landing; 6) steering; 7) safety position; 8) tacking. 
  • The third class offered on Sunday, May 22 – we’ll practice and test for:  9) points of sail, 10) jibing, and 11) capsize recovery.
  • The fourth class offered on Sunday, May 29 – we’ll practice and test for:  12) overboard recovery, 13) getting out of the irons, and 14) upwind sailing.

COST  $200 for all four classes, plus a BONUS of 2 hours of free sailing; or $50 per individual class.